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    The Best Industrial Company Of The Year In Customer Care

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Afra Modern System MFG. Industrial Company; one of the largest manufacturing branches of Afra Group, started its operations in 2010 as a limited pilot project in manufacturing variety of insulators used in the electric power industry. Since 2011, it was successful in manufacturing variety of Silicone-Composite insulators.

Our products are  under brand name of “Voltage ® “. This company is known as one of the largest manufacturers of Silicone insulators, variety of line spacers, railway insulators, and also variety of jumper insulators and fuse cutouts for intermediate high-voltage lines in Iran and the Middle East. The company’s main site is located in Shiraz Special Economic Zone.

We are the only manufacturer of insulators and by taking advantage of advanced technologies it has succeeded to supply all the raw materials used in production of its insulators. After obtaining the approval certificate of TAVANIR Evaluation Council, the company titled as “Industrial Knowledge-based Company “and in 2 consecutive years of 2015 and 2016, it was introduced as “ Industrial Representative Unit”. On the other hand, the company of “Afra Modern Electric Insulators”, another branch of Afra Group, has been known as the New Knowledge-based Company for introducing a new composite insulators to the electric power industry.

Products of this Company are manufactured by observing the high levels in domestic production, the lowest possible price, and International Standards of Quality and Quantity. 70% of Iran’s domestic market currently depend on the Company’s manufacturing products.  It has also been able to create more than 93% of its domestic added value.




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Afra Office

ADDRESS: Saman Building, Alley 3, Mahmoudieh street, Chamran Blvd. Shiraz, IRAN

PHONE:      +987136540838-41

Mobile:       +989175908969

Email:      info@eleplex.com

Afra Factory

ADDRESS: AFRA MODERN SYSTEMS, Mokhaberat Blvd. East Tejarat Blvd. Shiraz Especial Economic Zone

POSTCODE: 715911-13958

PHONE:   +987137175281-2

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